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Service Description
Aslan provides a wide scope of customized services and solutions for the creation, production, distribution and storage of documents and messages in both
paper and digital form:

Design, installation and maintenance
of electronic Document Management Systems that capture and house electronic documents and store the indexed documents for easy search and retrieval via computer, including through a web interface

Imaging Services

that allow clients to capture a searchable image of a paper document, store the information electronically, and make the image available for searching or easy retrieval either through printing or web interface

Online Document Hosting
that allows multiple parties to access digital documents anywhere in the world at anytime

Full-service Copy Center and Reprographic Services
including black and white copying, color copying, oversize copying, bates stamping and binding services (both on-site at your office or through local copy centers)

Aslan Imaging is the full-service solution for all your physical and electronic document needs.
Every modern business depends on information contained in paper and electronic documents. Keeping track of mountains of paper and rapidly expanding electronic files is becoming more and more difficult for most companies. If your physical and electronic filing systems lack the necessary flexibility and security to meet the needs of your business, Aslan Imaging can help. We are experts in creating, copying, modifying, archiving, indexing, presenting and securing any paper or electronic document. In short, we are the professional source for all of your electronic and physical document storage, hosting and reproduction needs.

Our professionals, in consultation with your staff, will create comprehensive document management programs tailored specifically for your needs. Our systems are designed to improve your efficiency and reduce your cost of managing information by enhancing and modernizing your existing physical and electronic document management systems.

Benefits of Aslan's services include:
Improved utility and security of electronic and physical documents
Improved access to critical information
Minimized work-flow disruption
Minimized up-front capital expenditures for equipment
Improved financial returns

Online Document Hosting
Business is not confined to the office and normal working hours. Employees need access to files from the road, from customer offices, and from home. Teams of customers, suppliers, business partners and clients frequently need secure access to the same files and information. Aslan can help you design systems for secure remote access to your company electronic files or scanned paper documents.
We can present tailored solutions ranging from limited, proprietary access to specific files to worldwide, 24/7, public access to all files. Whether you need consulting advice, turn-key system, or a fully outsourced web-based document hosting solution, Aslan can provide the level of service that is right for you.

Document Management Systems
For your electronic documents, Aslan provides a powerful, secure, highly structured method of describing, storing, retrieving and sharing information contained in the files. Aslan experts will work with you to design, implement and manage a system based on the individual requirements of your business. Aslan begins each project with a thorough review of the clientıs current technology and business processes. This review will identify any inefficiencies in your current document handling process. Based on this review, Aslan will suggest improvements that apply best-in-class technology to increase your productivity and enhance your financial returns. Once a plan has been established,Aslan will install the system, conduct appropriate employee training and provide ongoing system support and maintenance.

Key benefits of an Aslan Document Management System:
Ability to quickly and effectively search documents by relevant criteria such as originator's name, client name, matter number, type of document or date range
Security against accidentally altering, overwriting or changing the location of existing files
Elimination of file clutter and the need to back-up, archive and restore file on local drives
Access to critical information despite the absence of key personnel

Copy Center and Reprographic Services
For your physical documents, Aslan provides a full range of Copy Center and Reprographic Services, as well as outsourcing of mail and fax delivery. Our services can be provided on-site at your office or through a regional copy and fax center to accommodate high volume assignments and after-hours jobs.

Aslan can assist you with:
Color or black and white copying and high speed printing
File scanning (including PDF conversion)
Bates stamping
Oversize document copying
CD-ROM and floppy disk duplication
Creation of large-scale demonstratives and litigation visuals

Aslan's Copy Center and Reprographic Services can operate on a stand-alone basis or can be integrated with an Aslan Document Management System and Imaging Services for maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost.
Imaging Services
What can you do when you have a physical document, but need the features of an electronic file? Aslan's Imaging Services allow you to capture the exact likeness of a physical document as a digital copy of the original. These images can then be stored as independent files or sets of documents, replicated onto CDs, integrated with an existing document management system or stored in a separate system for use by multiple parties on a cooperative basis. Aslan can also process documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, converting images into searchable, editable text files.

Aslan's Imaging Services are conducted using the same physical space, equipment and staff as Copy Center and Reprographic Services. Documents are digitally scanned during the copy process thus capturing electronic images at a very low incremental cost. Augmenting a copy with a digital image provides Aslan clients with several benefits including:

Archiving files for security purposes
Ability to access images remotely
Increased capability to search and analyze data
Access to high-speed printing and copying in an Aslan Copy Center

This unique approach allows you to use Imaging Services on an "as needed" basis, with the goal of encouraging use for the most needed services, while minimizing costs.

File Management Services
For many firms, paper documents accumulate in and around the office in a disorganized manner. Aslan's File Management Services address this issue by creating a center where files that are not in daily use but not yet ready for permanent storage ("semi-active" files) can be stored and organized. Aslan will create an on-site file center where our staff will pick up, organize, store and deliver files to staff as needed. File Management Services can be integrated with Reprographic and Imaging Services for a more effective and lower cost solution.